What Are The Benefits Of Electric Motorcycles?

There are many reasons to consider an EV over a traditional motorcycle. Some outweigh others and some customers buy electric motorcycles for varied reasons.


You can save thousands throughout the year, here’s one example:

  • Cheap to no fuel costs
  • No maintenance or servicing
  • No need for engine oil
  • Less need to replace brake discs and pads
  • No road tax
  • No parking costs
  • No registration fees
  • The costs of owning a bike are less than traditional vehicles
  • They are totally reliable and come with a confident warrantee
  • Tax incentives in some countries too


  • No waiting in queues
  • Park anywhere (within reason)
  • No downtime for fleet/delivery vehicles
  • Charging overnight will give you 80kms range
  • EVs lose charge quicker in cold weather, as the battery takes a longer time to warm up.


  • No smog contributions
  • No emission considerations
  • Reduce in demand for fuel supply (of course this is minimal now, yet it only takes a few to share the belief, create a movement and make the change together)