How Do ONE-MOTO Motorcycles Work?

Generally, electric scooters work in the same way as ones powered by traditional fuel. There is a fuel source, a drive unit, and a gearbox to provide motion forwards.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are still scooters, and anyone who has driven an automatic vehicle in the past will feel immediately at home behind the wheel of one. These twist-and-go machines have the torque unlike anything you’ve experienced.  Contact us to arrange a test ride and see for yourself.

There is of course no engine noise, which is very strange at first, as you know what your bike usually sounds like, when we first started developing these back in 2016, there were times we checked to see if we had the scooters turned on!

The initial acceleration of our ONE-MOTO range is often greater than that of a similarly sized internal combustion bike or car. Our bikes are and will continue to literally be the quickest accelerating vehicles on sale today.

ONE-MOTO carry Lithium batteries, they have been more expensive to develop but the power, safety, longevity and charging time have been a core focus for our development team. The two batteries are swap in-and-out, which offers no downtime and is ultra-convenient.  Our team have swapped over to ONE-MOTO scooters in the UAE and UK – not just because they are our products, but we believe in the cause, and they are brilliant machines.