Sustainable Mobility // Electric Motorcycles a first for UAE

It was a milestone moment receiving confirmation of the ONE MOTO fleet being given all permission to be licensed on the roads throughout the GCC.  Two years of planning, development, testing, passion and belief we were gifted with the reward that ‘effort equals results’. It’s of course not a given that efforts will result in something magnanimous transpiring – you need to bolt on a great idea, a beneficial product (in this case) and have patience. This emotive compassion has led to the country being proud to offer Zero Emission Motorcycles a First for UAE.

This aligns harmoniously with the vision of our leaders and that of Expo 2020 for a sustainable future.

An article in in December last year stated that Electric vehicles would struggle to take off in Dubai (Full article here)

Many comments within – we at ONE MOTO agree with – however, a large part of this is due to the cost of having a high performance, sustainable form of transport. Many electric vehicles are indeed very expensive (compared to the unknown value at present), we are in a way in that transitional prism of wanting to do something, realising we need to act, yet not knowing what is best through the spectrum of options.

ONE MOTO decided through the development of batteries, motors and the vehicles we are offering to ensure that affordability is a key highlight for a potential customer, and convenience is another. You don’t need a specialised and costly charging system for your ONE MOTO vehicle, we’ve developed it to charge with a 3-pin socket! Allowing you to charge anywhere.

Another form of convenience and keeping the costs of purchase as low as possible, ONE MOTO have taken the bold step of selling these bikes online.  You can choose your colour, model and extras and although delivery dates will vary between 6-8 weeks, we will make your bike specifically for you (no different to buying a Porsche), yet the cost and experience are far more accommodating.

Sustainable Mobility Electric Motorcycles First For UAE – indeed we are honoured to have this accolade. A tremendous amount of gratitude goes to those who helped make it happen and now it’s for us to help build a legacy.

To find out more about Sustainable Mobility, ONE MOTO Electric Motorcycles and how to become a part of our journey, say or call our hotline +97142984444.

Thank you for reading.


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