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Where can I charge my electric motorcycle?

Electric Vehicle chargers are less common than petrol stations, you’ll need to put some effort into planning any unfamiliar journeys before setting off.  So ONE MOTO have developed the smart charger, which simply plugs in to your standard 3-pin socket – making it convenient wherever you are.

The most convenient way to owning a ONE-MOTO scooter is having multiple battery packs, one for home, one for the office and one in the scooters – we swap them with our colleagues and friends, so we always have full batteries.
If your friends also buy a ONE-MOTO scooter they’ll also have batteries, so swap and share.

You don’t need a specialised charging point, which is a bonus for scooter riders (as cars need a charging station), so if you live in town and city centres apartment blocks – Just plug it in to your homes electricity supply.
Charging your ONE-MOTO scooter will become as instinctive as plugging in your phone at night.

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