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The benefits of Electric Motorcycles to the environment and business

ONE MOTO – The Brand and Business were built from our inner-values and transposed to our operations – we want to create a sustainable world (realising it’s far greater than mobility) yet, it plays a huge factor in how we commute throughout our lives and deals a staggering harm to our planet. So over the past few weeks our management team wanted to put together a series of messages to offer you (our customers) an insight to the benefits of electric motorcycles to the environment and business. This video bullet points the facts surrounding fuel powered motorcycles and the savings of time, money and the environment.




Then you’ll understand the operational costs involved in providing a fleet of vehicles. As we focus our decisions and development on our values convenience is key to why ONE MOTO would be a consideration for your operation.

byka fitted with an alarm system, slot in/out batteries, Intelligent Brake Management System, 3-pin charging option, RTA regulated boxes and more. Allowing you to host a charging station (office/depot) to avoid a downtime in deliveries, zero fuel costs, zero servicing and zero pollution.



As petrol motorcycles are producing 16x more hydro-carbons and if a motorcycle isn’t well maintained they are producing 50x more carbon monoxide than is a ‘safe’ amount, we can rid our cities of this toxic harm very easily, by ensuring (as a collective) we are united for ONE cause.

Affordable transport is crucial to any business operation, and we’ve made this possible. With an all-in, on-the-road price and incredible bottom-line savings for both your business and your riders, we can discuss the options with you.



All ONE MOTO models are designed with quality at the forefront of our attention, they must look fantastic and perform even better. Our bikes are made from hardened recycled materials, placing us at +1 with our carbon footprint. You can see our guarantees, from a recent blog Buying Electric Motorcycles online.

To discuss the benefits of electric motorcycles to the environment and business (whether you are a private buyer or fleet manager) contact our MENA/APAC CEO Adam Ridgway, as he is personally committed to our values and the business of electric vehicles.

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Thank you for reading and we welcome your comments.

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