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ONE MOTO are poised to launch and roll out a scooter sharing model in the UAE. Scooters in Dubai from ONE MOTO, scooter sharing from the UAEs home-grown start up.

The UAE start up supported by HH Sheikh Almur bin Maktoum Al Maktoum, launched in September this year, have invested a large portion of their electric transport solution in micro-mobility amongst the vast surge in scooter sharing businesses throughout Europe and the USA.

Building upon the foundations of their five values:






“Micro-mobility is our future, especially on the inner-city commutes far surpassing the needs for cars and when comparing the annual cost of renting or owning, the scooter scheme will revolutionise our communities, however, safety is at the forefront of our focus” comments Adam Ridgway, CEO ONE MOTO.

“When you consider generational aspirations of owning that pin-up poster/dream car, Dubai makes it a possibility for some, yet when you add the cost of ownership – not just the financial price tag – but the one to our environment to those scales, the more conscientious amongst us realise we can do far more than the vanity of materialism. We do have the chance to make change, do more and this comes with a simple switch and a community belief”.


Lets take a few minutes to introduce you to ‘scoota’ the two-wheeled escooter available from the ONE MOTO group.

Scoota from ONE MOTO

There are currently two models the scoota 4.8 and scoota 6.0 each representing the power within the hardware. With a speed of 35kms and 60kms respectively, these interconnected micro-mobility vehicles have a range between 50kms and 85kms – the greatest performance on the market.

“However, we cannot do it alone, nor would we want to. ONE MOTO are planning to work very closely with the RTA to ensure every rider has the safety and knowledge to use the vehicles responsibly – details of which are in discussion – these scooters are currently available for direct purchase from the website, click here for prices and specs it’s only by working closely with the authorities we can help supply commuters what they demand”.

The audacious goals for the electric vehicle manufacturer are to roll out the ownership and sharing eco-system throughout all the seven emirates before the Expo next year. As they are a UAE founded company and the countries only home-grown electric vehicle manufacturer, they feel confident the government will support and endorse the vision (which is aligned with theirs).

Although focus remains at home in the UAE, the vision even stretches further-a-field with developed discussions in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Africa and Australia.

The scoota range are available online now, with a choice of colours and choose from the spec options.

For more information about ONE MOTO and scooter sharing from the UAEs home-grown start up. Be part of their journey on Instagram  contact the ONE MOTO team directly

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