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Working closely with ESMA and RTA over the past 16 months, ONE MOTO have done it, registering the first Electric Motorcycles in the UAE. It’s been a journey already to educate the potential of supplying the region with a sustainable transport solution, especially for the last-mile/food delivery industry, we couldn’t have done it without the vision and want of the authorities. A monumental achievement, now where do we go from here?

Over the past four months ONE MOTO – the UAEs first Electric Vehicle manufacturer, a home-grown business – and the team have been meeting and showcasing the potential of the brand, the benefits and values of the ONE MOTO fleet, and as they hit the roads the time to switch is now!

The reception and want to change that’s been highlighted by the industries most notorious businesses has been encouraging (to say the least). Transitioning is the next step, how do we integrate the already established ‘petrol/diesel’ fleets without it affecting the cashflow of an organisation? This has been an addressed concern, which we’ve been able to adapt for each customer. As you maybe aware there is a spectrum of business models from leasing, lease-to-own, direct ownership – all of which are questioned as a ‘new-technology’ hits the market.

Here’s how ONE MOTO overcame objections:

Delivery Bikes

The cost of a new ‘petrol’ vehicle is 2/3 of the price of a ONE MOTO byka, yet within 12-months we guarantee the cost of the vehicle will be repaid in full, allowing those customers with a 2-5 year vision a very promising position of market share, allowing them to increase their fleets based on no additional investment. Naturally reducing the cost-per-delivery currently reported at AED 20 per delivery, where customers are only paying AED 7 per delivery the question remains “is this sustainable?” A recent article reported in Gulf News talks about this further and poses the question regarding the crowded landscape of food delivery

Delivery Vehicles

ONE MOTO have a range of grocery delivery vehicles with their Deliva range of Mobicool, Hypa-Go and Tri-wheel all of which has received the attention of major supermarket chains in the region the investment is slightly different and creates a very different outcome; let’s take a Toyota Hi-ace at a basic cost of AED 89,000, then add on the conversion to a chiller box, the cost of maintenance, servicing and fuel takes the cost and operation of AED 200,000 per vehicle for one year. The Deliva Mobicool is priced at AED 104,000 inclusive of chiller box meaning a supermarket chain can run two electric vehicles for the price of one – plus there’s the enormous environmental saving!

The Transition

This question has been answered and we’d like to introduce the efforts and values of a UAE based lubricant and additives company initially focused on the heavy machinery, [diesel engines] industry and now into other high volume (kms) vehicles, not just guaranteeing to save fuel costs by 10% (average), but improving the performance of the vehicles, reducing the NOx, CO2 reducing the servicing times and maintenance costs – their efforts in sustainability are renowned globally and have been showcasing their successes for the past decade – way beyond the current social awareness – ONE MOTO have partnered with the award-winning Nicholas Brooks, CEO Zaeto Middle East to offer a collaborative solution to a very serious environmental situation.

For companies wanting to transition to an electric solution, the procurement heads have a cost consideration, so we offered a viable cost-saving solution – “save costs on your current business operation and use this saving to invest in an all-electric fleet” a conversation to be introduced to the RTA aligning with their 2026 electric transport vision.

What’s Next

ONE MOTO are expecting their next shipment of inter-connected electric motorcycles and scooters within the next six-weeks, which allows them to fulfil the enquiries of tests from those already spoken to, confident in the products ONE MOTO should be receiving orders by December this year, which will start the accelerated growth of the business in the UAE and the region.

We are poised to extend our operation throughout the GCC and have begun discussions with several private equity firms showing interest in the EV landscape. We believe the future is in collaborative partnerships, and ONE MOTO are open to exploring opportunities“, says Adam Ridgway CEO ONE MOTO MENA/APAC.

To discover more about the business, the values and the partnerships please contact us directly

Be a part of the EVOLUTION.

More about Zaeto:
Zaeto MEA is a Lubricants and Additives company environmentally focused on improving efficiencies while reducing wasteful practices and harmful gas emissions. Their internal IP has benefited a wide range of companies, including; EGA, parts of Emirates Group and Alec with increasing maintenance downtime & reducing costs as well ongoing fuel consumption benefits. With growing Socio-Economic concerns, companies wanting to reduce their impact footprint on the environment can do it with Zaeto while creating savings for their business.

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