Bottom line only for the delivery industry

Food delivery operators can save restaurants

Your Profits = UP
Your CapEx = DOWN

ONE MOTO are constantly building upon the framework of Smart Mobility and pioneering future mobility in the region.
Here is the latest news from the world of EVs and see if delivery operators can save restaurants.
ONE_MOTO byka 2021 model

Is this the end of 3rd party operators?

With the heighten commands from restauranteurs to reduce commissions, outlets are uniting to create a new vertical in this hyper-competitive market:

Do you want to know where operators can save up to 50% OpEx?

Lets look at maximising profits from the bottom line up…


In recent times, companies are finally looking at bottom line savings to maximise profits (or even just to stay in operation), ONE MOTO believe we can save operators unto 50% OpEx by reducing the cost of transportation.

Based on 350 bikes
Monthly fuel costs            AED 75,000
Monthly servicing            AED 105,000
Monthly maintenance       AED 45,000
Monthly leasing               AED 175,000 (AED 500 per bike)
Annual registration           AED 56,000
Salik tag                          AED 35,000

We don’t need to tell you the costs associated with deliveries, you know this better than us, so if we may show you the cost of operating a ONE MOTO delivery bike:

‘Fuel’                                 AED 3.6 (per 1,000kms)
Monthly servicing               AED 0
Monthly maintenance         AED 0
Annual registration             AED 0
Salik tag                            AED 0


ONE MOTO offer you peace of mind with a 24-months warranty on batteries, motors, controllers and your service contract with Duseja Moto in Dubai.
A quick calculation will demonstrate the financial savings from your bottom line, how you can pass these savings on to your restauranteurs to retain and grow your business.


We are aware of the published articles surrounding air pollution, how Covid has created a greater quality of air we breathe, yet what does this look like in statistics?

Just 1 petrol delivery motorcycle produces:
< 8,000% more carbon monoxide.
< 416% more hydrocarbons
< 3,000% more oxides of nitrogen

There are 15,000 motorcycles in the UAE.
There are also 37m in India… and 20m in Pakistan!

Should delivery vehicles be electric by 2024?
Here’s the answer (and if indeed), it is possible: food delivery operators can save restaurants.



  1. The future is green, we also know this.
  2. The demand for delivery infrastructure is vast.
  3. Bottom lines are more important than ever.

Is it time to discuss switching your fleet to electric?



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