Sustainable values of UAE residents

A tech-driven EV manufacturer with a focus to change the way mobility is performed in the GCC (primary route to market), we have launched a range of 12 vehicles in the fleet, with four key vehicle types; Electric motorcycles, Electric bicycles, Electric scooters and Electric delivery vans. Each of our vehicles provide mobility for the everyday commuter and the logistics sector.

This article is to highlight the sustainable values and discover if there is parity between companies and residents.


ONE MOTO electric vehicles fleet 2020

Meet the fleet

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2016 saw ONE MOTO built on the foundation of five core values, which haven’t faltered; Environment, Convenience, Affordability, Technology and Experience. Since we launched in the UAE, our customers have seen us pioneering these values through everything we communicate. We have two phases: the first is to build a market share in the UAE over an 18-month period of 10% (Direct Sales) and 15% (Leasing) in the UAE following this and our Series-A funding, we transition to our second phase to build the UAEs first pure EV manufacturing plant – placing the UAE on the map of EV innovation to export globally. It aligns with the vision and mandate of the countries leaders and the bold, achievable goals set by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Over the next 18 months, you’ll see ONE MOTO expand throughout the GCC and North Africa – with other JVs already in place for 54 countries throughout Africa, Australia and the UK. We will be on target for a 100 city expansion by 2028.

Our current business model is:
Direct sales


Showcasing our research, we conducted a study of sustainable values of residents of the UAE. The results are incredible; one that stands out the most for us is 99.3% of customers would choose to order from a sustainably focused delivery company above one who isn’t. The CoA is $0. Delivery operators please consider the PR value of switching your fleet to electric. Here’s the full article on

Eureeca endorses ONE MOTO. Eureeca we did it!

Infographic of sustainable values of residents in the UAE


We couldn’t do it alone, nor would we want to. A core philosophy is collaboration and we’ve been developing our internal mandates around this, allowing us an incredible working relationship with the RTA, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ESMA, RIT University (launching The ONE MOTO Academy) and Manipal University to name a few pioneers.

Adam Ridgway, the founder of ONE MOTO also has a philosophy which he brings to each business day, “Collaboration is the single ingredient to bind our future, the world has benefitted and humanity suffered over the past 12 months, however, we have untied as one with this change. We need to secure this momentum”. The team invite and welcome strategic partners to collaborate and drive the innovation of the UAE and the region, providing smart cities and clean mobility for all. Having Eureeca endorse ONE MOTO will accelerate our brand awareness and position in the market, and we’re delighted to be a part of it… and so can you.

In the GCC, ONE MOTO are the only certified and approved EV manufacturers. Globally Electric two wheeled vehicles is a $22bn industry by 2024. Recently we’ve seen in the fund-raising news that several mobility players have successfully raised and been acquired by international investment funds. Have you invested yet? We’d love to hear from you.

In other micro-mobility news Voi and BlaBlaCar joined forces through a $109m raise taking their valuation to a reported $1.9bn the French based scooter sharing company has concerns about the ride-sharing operations and with the financial backing we’re sure they are going to succeed – did you invest in this opportunity? Please let us know.

Considering just these two successes micro-mobility, P2P sharing and urbanised transport is a lucrative, high-growth market, we have a summary of research supporting our business, which we will share at the end of this article.


If you share the belief of cleaner air quality, convenience in commuting and the benefits of electrification in mobility, we invite you to consider investing in ONE MOTO through Eureeca. The vision of Adam Ridgway is Apple, Tesla, Amazon – and even if we achieved half of their successes, many would see this as a success. Adam’s drive is compounded with a vision of a fleet of new vehicles in 2021 to include ONE MOTO for all, (two motorcycles and a car are in development already).

Please get in touch, Google our achievements to date, visit our website and arrange and test drive the vehicles for yourself.

Here’s to tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.


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