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Should delivery vehicles go electric in the UAE

Motorcycles emitted far more smog-forming hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen, as well as the toxic air pollutant carbon monoxide. The motorcycle uses 28% less fuel than the comparable car and emitted 30% fewer carbon dioxide emissions, but they emitted:
416% more hydrocarbons
more oxides of nitrogen and
more carbon monoxide

Source of this statistic

It’s so much more than a mouthful of statistics to digest, what do they really mean?

ONE MOTO have been running the numbers and lobbying for change, for Dubai to become a smart city it needs to embrace change, which is exactly their mandate. With a vision of 90% of all limousine transport to be electric by 2026 the UAE is poised for a monumental shift towards EV, yet what other changes does that bring to light? With passenger transport already a focal point of transport EVolution, we have explored the Why should delivery vehicles should go electric. The need is now and ONE MOTO have built a business on it.

Here are some very alarming figures:

NUMBER OF Petrol Motorcycles on UAE roads 15,000

COST OF FUEL per litre AED 2.20

AMOUNT OF FUEL USED per bike per month AED 540



ANNUAL FUEL USAGE 12,000 Motorcycles 58,195,584

ANNUAL FUEL COST 15,000 Motorcycles AED 77,760,000

ANNUAL CO2 per year 12,000 Motorcycles 16,560 tonnes


Petrol Motorcycles produce 16x more hydrocarbons than SUVS and busses.

Air-pollution is the greatest killer to humanity (shortening life by 2 years).

15,000+ delivery motorcycles on the UAE roads.


ZERO SUBSIDIES – The government may eliminate the need for fuel subsidies costing over AED 13 billion per year (according to a study).

Halved OPERATIONAL costs –  The average cost of food delivery is AED30 (for some companies), yet the consumer is only being charged AED7.

Reduced customer expenditure – Relieving the heavy OpEx to businesses, should hopefully reduce the cost to customers, with many customers surveyed would choose to order from an eco-friendly retailer over one that isn’t.


If the UAE pioneer this movement it will further embed the message of The Emirates in the region and on the global stage as a progressive though-led and environmentally conscious country.


“To provide sustainable, cost-effective, electric transport solutions to service the first/last-mile and food delivery industry”.

Air-pollution as mentioned is the greatest killer to humanity and the affects of Greenhouse gasses is alarming, but for most un-relatable. With a few clicks of this blog and a little research, you’ll be enlightened to what the issues are facing us, yet scaremongering isn’t our intention. Small amendments to each of our lives will produce valuable change to how each of us live.

ONE MOTO have produced a series of ‘for purpose’ vehicles:

byka – the delivery motorcycle

deliva Mobicool 3.0 – the delivery van

As well as a range of private vehicles for the daily commute and micro-mobility let’s run some simulations:


  • Cost per vehicle 1 year
  • AED 8,500 avg. purchase price
  • AED 7,300 fuel
  • AED 4,400 maintenance
  • AED 2,400 servicing
  • AED 100 salik
  • AED 160 registration
  • AED 1,500 delivery box
  • AED 24,360 TOTAL


  • Cost per vehicle 1 year
  • AED 14,950 purchase price
  • AED 0 fuel
  • AED 0 maintenance
  • AED 0 servicing
  • AED 0 salik
  • AED 0 registration
  • AED 0 delivery box
  • AED 14,950 TOTAL


  • Cost per vehicle 1 year (2020 Toyota HiAce)
  • AED 103,500 purchase price
  • AED 38,000 fuel
  • AED 6,000 maintenance
  • AED 4,400 servicing
  • AED 100 salik
  • AED 160 registration
  • AED 68,000 chilled grocery conversion
  • AED 220,160 TOTAL


  • Cost per vehicle 1 year
  • AED 104,571 purchase price
  • AED 0 fuel
  • AED 0 maintenance
  • AED 0 servicing
  • AED 0 salik
  • AED 0 registration
  • AED 0 chilled grocery conversion
  • AED 104,571 TOTAL

Also available as a flat bed or pick up van

By converting your fleet to electric, you can double the vehicle count for the same price as just one petrol/diesel van. Thats’ not even calculating the downtime costs for maintenance, servicing or re-fuelling.

A business built on values

Built upon five core values to our customers:

  1. Environment
  2. Convenience
  3. Technology
  4. Affordability
  5. Experience

“Our aim is to be the leading electric vehicle manufacturer and distributor within the region with global presence through distributors and dealerships.

Expanding our reach to areas of the world less financially sound and provide a cost-effective and sustainable transport solution allowing families to travel, transport and financially provide for their future”.

What are the next steps?

ONE MOTO are taking orders online right now, and commitments are being made to each of our customers.

Hopefully, when reading this, it’ll spark a catalyst and a want for change, running a few financial simulations you’ll realise how you can increase your fleet, reduce your overheads and deliver a cost-effective, environmentally aware solution to the UAE.

If you would like to act on change, please do get in touch with our team;

Thank you for reading,
Adam Ridgway

[Cover image courtesy of Khaleej Times]


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