ONE MOTO enters India: Exclusive

Collaboration and the drive to bring change. ONE MOTO announces the continued momentum – launching in the largest global market, India.

May 23rd 2021, sees the signing of the dealership and distribution contract between ONE MOTO Technologies and CS Group for the aggressive expansion plan throughout India. The new dealership announcement will see the ONE MOTO the UAE/British brand of electric vehicles – with a presence in UK, UAE, Kenya and KSA – sweep throughout India, bringing change to the way we move products and people. Adam Ridgway, CEO of ONE MOTO started the interview with “Collaboration is the key to bring meaningful change.”

Considering the shocking statistics surrounding air pollution – the greatest killer of humanity – many have been actively preaching about the long term affects of air pollution in cities and the respiratory affects it has on us all (reducing a lifespan of 6-7 years). Recently reported in The Times “Scientists confirm air pollution is twice as deadly as previously reported”

India is the largest motorcycle market globally, with 37 million vehicles on the road, with a growing demand for EVs, the timing is ideal for the launch and supporting the world leader’s ambition to positively impact climate change. It also showcases the cost-savings that can be made for commuters and the commercial sector. Muzammil Riyaz, CEO, CS Group had this to say; “CSG is excited with this new venture in partnership with ONE MOTO. Hailing from India, I am aware of the growing need for alternative solutions to fossil-based transport owing to its fluctuating prices. E-vehicles will provide the much-needed respite. We aim to move towards a more economical drive and deliver to people an opportunity to upgrade their means of mobility”.

“There’s more to the name ONE MOTO, we believe, we’re able to sustainably impact the way we commute, by efficiently swapping out parts, upgrading and recycling – enables owners to only ever need ONE MOTO, creating generational loyalty to the brand and products”. States Adam Ridgway, CEO, ONE MOTO Technologies.

The multi-award winning, UAE based EV manufacturer has been in active discussions with CS Group aligning values and challenging the future for Indian mobility, joining other EV champions of Tesla, Hero and Mahindra. “We have a very strategic and aggressive road map for India and securing a partner like CS Group is a huge win for ONE MOTO” continues Ridgway.

Riyaz continued, “We’ve followed the progress of ONE MOTO have made over the past 12 months, after their successful raise we knew they were the right partner for us. The vision and values the business stands for is definitive to bringing change and the Indian market needs it. We’ll be presenting ONE MOTO aggressively throughout the country over the next three years and working on the manufacturing facility to further enhance the sustainable values of the business.” With a group presence spanning Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, India, Australia and Malaysia, “we feel the unity of a brand like ONE MOTO and the aligned vision for the brand can be complemented tremendously”.

Over the past 12 months, the team at ONE MOTO have discussed with customers, industry leaders and government officials in the UAE and a compendium of previously published articles about air pollution and the affects motorcycles have on our environment, and the one that shocks is the CO2 produced by 15,000 delivery motorcycles in Dubai, not only are they 16x more harmful to the environment that SUVs or busses (if they are well maintained), 50x more damaging if they aren’t maintained to factory standards, they produce over 8,000% more Carbon Monoxide. Considering there are 37 million motorcycles in India, the toxic pollutants are devastating.

This contract is another great shift towards the global presence of ONE MOTO and the continued expansion of the CS Group.

For further detailed insights to the deal and statistics please contact:

Contact: Adam Ridgway
CEO, ONE MOTO Technologies

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