Are Electric Motorcycles Different To Ride?

Between internal combustion engine motorcycles and electric motorcycles there is a difference.

One damages the environment, releases harmful emissions, costs the environment it’s life and the user money – then there are the others which have modern technology applied with zero negative effect to the environment, zero, fuel costs, and registration fees, zero downtime for fuelling, servicing and maintenance.

The riding style is very similar, with the ONE MOTO fleet, they are ‘twist and go’ moped style motorcycles, with an integrated three power system you can select depending upon the areas in which you ride. Inner city you may want to select power^1 to keep the speed up to 55kph, in suburban areas, selecting the power^2 will give you 65kms and on the open road power^3 will accelerate up to 85kms. These will increase your battery life and performance.

The big differentiator between a petrol motorcycle and ONE MOTO scooters during everyday riding is the regenerative braking system – which captures kinetic energy (caused by the forward motion) and feeds it into the battery whenever you release the accelerator.

Whenever people ask us about electric motorcycles, or when we’ve with someone when they drive a ONE MOTO motorcycle for the first time, we explain the braking system which if used correctly will increase the performance of the vehicle.

Full training is provided by our teams to induct the mindset of how these vehicles are different and how utilising the features correctly will give the greatest and safest riding experience.

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