4kW Engine Power Top Speed 85km/h 0 CO2 Emissions Buy Now commuta. meet

meet commuta.

An all-electric commuting vehicle for the everyday, inner-city, urban rider

ONE MOTO have launched the commuters scooter equipped with a luggage carrier. A commuting vehicle for the everyday inner-city, urban rider.

No other electric scooter has this much power, range and the savings are incredible.

4hrs Charging Time Max Range 150kms 150kgs Carrying Capacity

charged. changed.

Imagine a fleet that never runs out of fuel and has no maintenance needs?!

When designing our fleet, convenience was paramount. Running low on charge? One Moto have designed our vehicles to charge with any 3-pin socket, making sure the switch to electric is even easier. No need for a separate charging station – you can literally charge up anywhere! Not convinced? How about swapping out your battery for one that’s fully charged? Now that’s something you don’t see in EVs too often.

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