12/24kW Max Power Top Speed 85km/h 0 CO2 Emissions Buy Now Lease To Own deliva. meet

meet deliva.

An all electric delivery van with a temperature controlled cargo compartment

One Moto have developed a range of delivery vehicles ideal for your last mile delivery needs. Deliva is a range of all electric delivery vans equipped with a temperature controlled cargo compartment.

With the perfect blend of efficiency and power, Deliva is ideal for the stop and go traffic situations in a city.

8-10h Charging Time Max Range 200kms 500kgs Payload Capacity

download spec-sheet.

lease to own.

As a confirmation of your interest, please make an advance payment of AED 200 per vehicle. Your total advance payment amount, based on the number of vehicles, is given below.

Payment to be made directly to our bank account, the details for which are as below:

Account No. 1015707363701
IBAN: AE270260001015707363701
Branch: Head Office Baniyas Road, Deira PO BOX 777, Dubai, UAE

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