An Urban Classic 
Reimagined for the modern world.


The electric motorcycle blending retro styling with cutting-edge performance. Glide through cityscapes with its vintage charm, eco-friendly power, and seamless acceleration. Perfect for riders seeking classic aesthetics with modern convenience. Embrace nostalgia without compromising on sustainability and innovation.


A timeless, elegant shade that exudes sophistication and clean, classic beauty.

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Sleek, bold, and effortlessly stylish, adding a touch of luxury to every drive.

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Busted Orange

A vibrant burst of energy, evoking warmth and adventure with its lively, expressive tone.

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New Cherry Red

Radiant, bold and unmistakably Red, making a statement wherever you go.

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Warm Sunrise

Radiate positivity with this vibrant hue, evoking the energy of a sun-kissed morning glow.

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Iced Green

Cool and refreshing, this shade embodies the tranquility of a crisp, winter morning landscape.

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Spearmint Teal

A captivating fusion of freshness and depth, embodying nature’s charm with a modern twist.

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Ocean Blue

Dive into serenity with this captivating hue, reflecting the tranquil allure of the sea.

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Dark, mysterious elegance, embodying the allure of the nocturnal sky with a hint of mystique.

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