Delivering in Amman, Jordan: The ONE MOTO expansion journey continues

In the society of “the delivery of everything” we’ve curated ourselves, the demand for sustainable, profitable delivery services is surging.

In this article we discuss the market landscape of Jordan and how ONE MOTO strategically selected this market as a key regional territory.

Amidst the bustling streets of Amman, Jordan, a silent revolution (pardon the pun) is underway in the realm of last-mile delivery. As the demand for swift and sustainable delivery solutions continues to soar, businesses are turning to innovative approaches to meet evolving consumer expectations. At the forefront of this transformation are electric motorcycles, offering a glimpse into the future of urban mobility and logistics. We are going to focus on the dynamics of last-mile delivery in Amman, the acceptance of electric motorcycles, and the promising forecasts.

The Delivery Market in Amman: An Overview

With a population exceeding 4 million and a thriving e-commerce ecosystem, Amman serves as a vibrant hub for last-mile delivery operations. Recent statistics project the Jordanian e-commerce market to reach USD 2.1 billion by 2025, driven by our “delivery of everything” society and shifting consumer preferences. This rapid growth underscores the critical need for efficient and sustainable delivery solutions to cater to the surging demand for online goods and services.

Transforming Urban Logistics

In response to the challenges posed by congestion, pollution, and rising fuel costs, delivery operators in Amman are increasingly turning to electric motorcycles as a viable alternative to traditional delivery vehicles. You’ll note, very similar issues addressed are echoed in each of the countries we are expanding into – addressing common problems! Moreover, the quiet and eco-friendly nature of electric motorcycles aligns with Amman’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Yet, it’s not just about the vehicles themselves, it’s ONE MOTO’s commitment to environmentally driven supply and value chain. We set a transparent ESG pledge back in 2021 and each of our partners are also committed to bring change.

Costs and Benefits of Electric Motorcycle Delivery

One of the key advantages of electric motorcycles for last-mile delivery operators in Amman is the significant reduction in operating costs compared to conventional gasoline-powered vehicles. With lower fuel and maintenance expenses, electric motorcycles offer a compelling value proposition for businesses looking to optimise their delivery operations while minimising environmental impact. Interestingly, fleet operators often hesitate to pay for the telemetry and big data accompanying our fleets. However, those who do see a significant increase in their bottom line profit.

“Switching to ONE MOTO Electric Motorcycles: A Game-Changer for Delivery Operators”

ONE MOTO, a pioneering electric motorcycle company, is leading the charge towards sustainable last-mile delivery in Amman and beyond. By offering a fleet of high-performance electric motorcycles tailored for urban delivery operations, ONE MOTO empowers delivery operators to transition to clean, efficient, and cost-effective transportation solutions. With features such as rapid charging, swappable battery banks, battery as a service, long-range capabilities, and advanced features, ONE MOTO electric motorcycles deliver unparalleled performance and reliability, enabling operators to meet the demands of modern-day delivery logistics.

We built the vehicles for the regional market and have comfortably completed five GCC summers (which is no small feat). We have secured the trust in our partners which is why we have garnered multiple industry awards.

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