How a bold decision in Iraq has benefitted the last-mile

The Iraqi government made a bold, sustainable pledge to ban the import of petrol motorcycles late last year – demonstrating their commitment to a better future. Just one part of their green agenda this will positively revolutionise the last-mile delivery landscape.

ONE MOTO are proud to be pioneering this change alongside our partners towards the mission to “decarbonise last mile delivery”

In Iraq, the last-mile delivery sector is evolving, as it should, realising the issues other countries have faced within the industry and doing it right. Late 2023, the Iraqi government banned the import of petrol motorcycles – championed by our distribution partners – led to a high impact for the demand for efficient and #sustainable #logisticssolutions. With the international expansion of the ONE MOTO brand we enter markets you don’t expect, those we know we can bring change and support the landscape and stakeholders to be more sustainable and profitable.

The Landscape of Last-Mile Delivery in Iraq

Iraq’s last-mile delivery market is experiencing robust growth, driven by rapid urbanisation and urban development, expanding e-commerce platforms, and increasing consumer demand for convenience. Recent statistics project that the country’s e-commerce market will reach USD 3.4 billion by 2025, offering delivery service providers a significant opportunity.

Bike taxis have emerged as a popular mode of transportation for #lastmiledelivery in urban areas and the diplomatic quarters, offering speed, agility, and cost-effectiveness.

The Rise of Electric Motorcycles

Sounds like another Hollywood epic. Far from fiction we at ONE MOTO, present a compelling solution to the challenges facing the last-mile delivery sector in Iraq. Our vehicles have been developed, tried, tested and now trusted by leading partners across five continents. Yet, it doesn’t stop there – innovation is our backbone – our partners realise this, what we offer now, surpasses expectation, so what we’re producing for future iterations will only compound that belief.

Factual Statistics and Forecasted Growth

Industry reports indicate that the global electric motorcycle market is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 7% from 2021 to 2026. This growth could accelerate further, influenced by the recent ban on petrol motorcycle imports in Iraq, despite limited specific statistics on the local last-mile delivery market. We are working with our analysts to provide accurate simulations, yet we do know it will only increase.

In Iraq, the adoption of electric motorcycles for last-mile delivery is still in its nascent stages. The government’s focus on sustainability and promoting clean energy initiatives is expected to significantly grow the market for electric vehicles, including motorcycles and vans, in the coming years.

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