ONE MOTO UK, To Decarbonise The UKs Last-Mile With £123,000,000 Financing.

ONE MOTO an impact-driven, multi-award-winning EV player who are building a HardTech meets FinTech EV ecosystem with presence across five continents, specialising in last mile electric vehicles for commercial and private use have secured a capitalisation of £123,000,000 to finance vehicles across the UK to pioneer the decarbonisation of the UKs last-mile, delivery and gig economy industry.

Signing an unprecedented deal with a leading financier in London, ONE MOTO are offering finance to fleet operators to expand an electric delivery fleet from just £3 per day.

“This is monumental in our expansion road map pan-Europe. With the support of the finance deal we’re expecting to deploy up to 30,000 across the UK in H1 2024. This harnesses our conversations with UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) to open the first European assembly plant.

With 12 months of conversations supporting this announcement, ONE MOTO are supporting leading last-mile food delivery platforms, independent outlets and enhancing the rider welfare through data-rich AI to optimise routes, zones and pay.” States Adam Ridgway, CEO, ONE MOTO Technologies.

“The ecosystem foundations to decarbonise the UKs delivery network are set. We’ve spoken to many leading delivery operators who needed a cost-effective, sustainable option and after many trials we’ve secured roll out plans with several leaders. Replacing a traditional petrol fleet shouldn’t happen overnight, to be highly effective it requires operational management to transition. Yet, it’s not just about the vehicles it’s the ancillary services to capture market dominance. Battery As A Service, supporting battery swaps allowing riders to work undisturbed by downtime, the SaaS FinTech solution, ensures a data rich AI backed cloud system to optimise fleet and rider management. We’ve taken our time to capture and analyse the data and demonstrate the vast economical and environmental savings.” says Mark Harman Director, ONE MOTO

What does this mean for the UK environment?

63,000 petrol motorcycles produce 168,818 tonnes of CO2 each year (as well as other harmful pollutants).

A visual of what 1 tonne of CO2 looks like:


63,000 petrol motorcycles produce 168,818 tonnes of CO2 each year (as well as other harmful pollutants).

A visual of what 1 tonne of CO2 looks like

– Killing over 198,000 acres of forest each year

– That’s 808km2

– Or four times the size of Paris!

Adam Ridgway, CEO, ONE MOTO Technologies based in Dubai, have one vision “to electrify all last-mile vehicles in the UK by 2026”. Following the UK government’s agenda and commitments we will ensure the world realises, the UK government are supported taking the necessary action to bring change.

What’s next for the partnership?

Both teams will be working to confirm contracts for the 44,500 vehicles in discussion and driving awareness of the benefits, increasing their online and offline distribution channels. Early movers will always have the advantage, but the ‘decision’ to make the commitment first isn’t always forthcoming when considering the environment, yet. However, all operators are looking at the commercial viability and when backed up with big data. We’ve proven a faster path to profitability.

ONE MOTO Technologies Headquartered in London, UK. With a global HQ in DIFC, Dubai, UAE launched in December 2019 in the UAE, expanding into 21 territories in 2021, with another eight countries in discussion, are delighted to be joining forces with a globally respected brand like AVIS and are also in deep conversations to build the UAEs first EV manufacturing facility, breaking ground Q4 2022. Ridgway continues, “Currently the UAE isn’t known for manufacturing and export, and amidst the recent announcement of Operation $300bn and the drive to create international export through manufacturing and production — crucial to the growth of any economy — and with the like-minded public and private sector collaborations, we’re able to make it happen. The UAE and our leaders have created this opportunity and we’re here to ensure that change happens.

Following the announcement at ADIPEC 2022, Her Excellency Sarah AlAmiri confirmed ONE MOTO is one of the first 13 projects supported by the Ministry of Industry of Advanced Technonolgy (MOIAT) “At the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, we have a clear roadmap for the next 10 years. It is a decade in which the UAE will further enhance its position as a global hub for science, technology, and innovation, in line with our leadership’s vision. Our partners are key to this journey and we are committed to exploring collaborations with all companies that seek to join the UAE in its bold technological and industrial transformation.” The initiative was announced in October by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai (

Every ONE MOTO vehicle is pre-built with a complete telematics and fleet management software solution, with a FinTech offering. Allowing riders and owners to optimise routes through AI, increase the safety and welfare of riders and ensure our customers sustainable values are met at all times.


A global EV manufacturer and focused on the last-mile sector.

2020 saw ONE MOTO UAE win five awards, including; UAE Sustainable Business of the Year.

Leading the global market with the performance and specs of their vehicles and technology advances. With a vision of 100 cities by 2025, 1 million vehicles sold, and 1 billion tonnes of CO2 omitted plus delivering investment back into this world we live, bringing change (not waiting for it to happen), and leaving this planet in a slightly better condition than we currently live in. We can’t change the past, however the future?!

With operations in UAE, UK, Australia, India, Sri Lanka and the LatAm, and international sales beyond that, ONE MOTO are on an aggressive expansion plan to make a difference and dominate the sector they operate.